Remodeling your home does not need to be as confusing, stressful, and frustrating as you may imagine. Like everything in life, planning is a very critical part of any project. Blueprint Design Build has the experience, passion, and proven processes to guide you to a successful project outcome. Blueprint Design Build works with you to clarify your ideas, needs, visions, and wants and turns them into a project that you will be proud of and will stand the test of time.


Remodeling projects represent a substantial investment — of money, time, energy, and emotion for our clients and our company. How to go about finding a professional remodeling contractor can be a daunting task. Knowing how to determine who to call and what information you need to collect to make an informed and effective decision is not an easy thing to do.

Qualifying a remodeling contractor for your project is what needs to be done before you can get your project built. When you contact us, we expect to be asked a lot of questions to help you better understand if we are the contractor for you. Asking a lot of questions will help if we are the right contractor for you. Most client’s questions should center around our experience, budget, time frame, and process. An initial phone conversation gets the ball rolling, then we meet at your Middle Georgia area home for a free consultation to learn more about you, your lifestyle, and your vision for the space. We ask questions and listen carefully. This exploration brings clarity to the project scope, the potential challenges to address with the site, and your budget parameters.


Once we have qualified each other, we will arrange a free consultation at your home to discuss your project further. We start our process with questions designed to gather more information about your needs, wants, ideas, visions, budget parameters and time frame. This consultation includes design ideas, determining feasibility and further discussing budget and time frame parameters. Our experienced and dedicated design team will take this information and mold your vision and ideas into a project that meets your needs and budget. Every project is unique to a homeowner. Everyone lives in their home differently and our team will ask the questions that will lead to a design and budget that suits you.

  • Design – After we meet for a free consultation and determine that the project is feasible and your budget and time frame line up we can get to work. Designing your project is a team effort with that includes you. Once we develop a conceptual design in our 3D design software, we will review the conceptual designs and adjust until we achieve the vision you have for the project. You will be able to see every angle and every detail of your design before we estimate costs and build.
  • Selections – Our designers will guide you through the selections of finish and fixtures that will be integrated into your design. You will be the final decision maker for all aspects of your project. We will give you advice, but it is your home and we will do what you want as long as it meets the building codes. Our Portfolio will help you see projects we have done for clients. Your selections will be integrated into your 3D design for you to see how the final project will look.
  • Refine – Now that we have a design and selections have been made, it is time to refine all the information and create a comprehensive package for your project that will bring clarity to the details of what will be built. We create a detailed scope of work that shows what is to be done, materials to be used and other details specific to your project. At this point, we review the scope of work, the design, selections and budget/costs to clarify any details. Once we have agreed to the scope of work, design and costs, we will create a contract with a firm price and a draw schedule based on milestones of the project.



We have come to terms with what is to be built and what your investment will be, now it is time to execute the plan. We arrange a project walk-through with you to get to know your project manager and others who will be overseeing your project that you will be communicating with during the project. We will discuss daily start and finish times, the security of your home, special requirements, and pet routines, discuss how to best communicate with you, and discuss the protection of your existing home.

What to expect

The stunning design doesn’t stand on its own. Quality construction, first-rate materials, exceptional craftsmanship — these are the hallmarks of a Blueprint Design Build in the Middle Georgia area and the differences that yield the “wow” factor you’re looking for. Everything about our construction process is intended to deliver a first-class, worry-free experience. Our commitment to you includes:

  • Crews comprised exclusively of seasoned, insured trade partners
  • Consistent contact with your remodeling consultant and project manager, from start to finish
  • A dedicated construction project manager oversees every detail
  • Minimizing the impact on your daily life as much as possible
  • Temporary placement of an onsite Porta Potty to keep crews out of your personal space
  • A neat, organized, and tidy job site.

And always, the utmost respect for your property and your daily routine.

Blueprint Design Build works with Middle Georgia’s homeowners on a wide range of residential construction projects, including kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, additions, decks, porches, home exteriors, and outdoor kitchens.