Chef’s Gift - Historic Home Kitchen Remodel

Location: Macon, GA

What they wanted

The homeowners are both amateur chefs and after many years of honing their cooking skills in an outdated kitchen, they had a good vision of what they wanted in a kitchen. The kitchen needed to be more open to the den and functional.

The Challenges

The home was built in 1912 and had the usual challenges that come with historic home remodeling. There were issues with the spans of beams already in place, the electrical system, layers of flooring and matching up the old heart pine flooring so the kitchen floor did not stand out from the rest of the hardwood flooring. As always, we thought through the entire process and issues and addressed them in the planning stages, so we had few surprises and or delays.

The successful outcome

These homeowners were very involved with the planning of this project as they had many ideas of how they wanted their chef’s kitchen to function and look and we delivered. They also had a planned vacation for the time we had scheduled the project. We were confident in our planning that we would be able to manage the project without the client being in town. Apparently, they also had confidence in our company and its processes as they left town for 30 days. Our team did a great job of communicating with the client every day. Al even went through the extra step of laying out the backsplash tile on the floor and sending photos to the homeowners so they could make the decision as to where they want each tile as they were different colors. Now that is service! When the client came back from their vacation, their kitchen was 90% complete. The change is dramatic. It is hard to believe this is the same kitchen.



Design Drawings