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Is Blueprint Right For you?

Blueprint Design Build is committed to delivering an excellent experience for our client's.  We ask   We have developed a Design/Build system with processes that serves us and our clients well in delivering on our promises.  Our system may not be the right fit for every project or client.  We have clearly defined what we do best and what we have a passion for. 

Initial Contact

Our initial conversation will help us better understand your needs, wants, visions, timeline, investment parameters and expectations.  This conversation is a good time for you to ask the questions that will help build trust in our company.  All projects are an investment by both parties and time should be taken to determine if we will be a good fit for each other.  If we both determine that we may be a good fit, an initial onsite consulation will be scheduled.  Sometimes we are not a good fit and either party should feel comfortable about saying so.

Project Costs

As consumers, we want what we want but we do not (typically) have a blank check to pay for our dream projects.  We respect that fact and will make every effort to help plan your project within an investment budget that works for you.  The hard reality is that construction is expensive and based on our experience, most people do not have a realistic idea what their project may cost.  We see to often in our industry the results of empty promises, unrealistic expectations and poor planning.   We do our best to help educate our clients about the processes and costs involved with producing a successful project.  The final project investment is always based on the final design, selections and scope of work.  At the end of our initial onsite consultation, we should, in most cases, be able to give you a final investment range.  If your investment budget is not in the range we discussed, we will offer options that are within your budget or discuss expanding your budget.  If a realistic budget is agreed to, we become the protector of your budget during the design and estimating phase.  Once a contract is signed, the investment amount will not change unless you, the client, asks for changes to be made.  For more information about project costs click the button below to go to the Cost vs. Value report created by a third-party company that shows the average costs for remodeling projects in the Southeast.  It will take a minute or two to register for free but your time will be worth it.  If you download the data for our region, the report will show you the cost of different types of projects, what's included in the project cost and expected return on investment if you were to sell your home.

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